Welcome to revalidation

Revalidation is a way of ensuring all doctors are up-to-date in their knowledge and safe to practice.  It enables you to demonstrate to the General Medical Council (GMC) that you comply with the relevant professional standards.  Part of a wider system of measures to promote improvements in safety and quality.  It is customary to be revalidated every five years.

Supporting you through revalidation

All doctors must adhere to the process and we are committed to assisting you through the entire process.

With GPS Locums, you can rest assured that you’ll know exactly what’s required of you and when.

Revalidation will:

Assure patients and the public, employers, other healthcare providers, and other health professionals, that licensed doctors are practising to the appropriate professional standards.

It will also complement other systems that exist within organisations and at other levels for monitoring standards of care and recognising and responding to concerns.

All doctors wishing to retain their GMC licence to practise will need to participate in revalidation, as failure to do so can result in the GMC revoking the licence to practise.

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